Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Signs are beginning to show that thw Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics,ASUP,total nationwide strike may be suspended by next week monday. Information reaching Insidemapoly have it that the Union body and Federal Government,FG have set-up a joint committee levied with the responsibilities of putting an end to the strike,foister the resumption of Academic staffs and implementation of FG agreement.

 According to a member of the committee who craved anonymity said consultations have been on-going between the bodies. The member,during the telephone interview said " we just started the consultation by paying visits to ASUP and FG. The consultation is a phase of the many plans channelled to ensure the demands of ASUP are meant and that lecturers resume back to the lecture rooms.

 Another member representing the federal government hinted that the striking union has informed the committee on the grounds in which they (ASUP) will compromise to resume full lecturing services. "Having taken cognisance of their demands and compromise stands,the FG is ready to meet their demands as we hold our final meeting (hopefully) on the 24th June,2013,he said.

 The striking Union body demands are
 1. Full implementation of CONTISS 15 and CONPCASS 15 across board.
 2. The review of polytechnic Act to remove the disparity between Higher National Diploma Graduates and Bachelor Degree.
 3. The establishment of National Polytechnic Commission (NPC).
4. Genuine autonomy and democracy in Polytechnic and the education system as a whole
5. Improved funding of education to 26% of the Nation's budget in line with UNESCO recommendation.
6. Democratic running of Polytechnics through the involvement of elected representatives of staffs and students in all the decision-making bodies of each polytechnic.
7. End to culture of victimization. Recall all victimized workers and student activists. Unban all proscribed unions.


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